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Bespoke Honour Boards for Sports & Sporting Clubs
to Acknowledge Special Achievements, Merit & Distinction

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Board Shapes

The shapes shown below are some of many shapes available, they are just suggestions, you can have an honours board in any shape or size that you would like.

These are the basic shapes of honour boards available but remember that you can have any shape or size that you can think of

Board Colours
You can have any colour that you can imagine. We can try and colour match new boards to harmonise with any existing honour boards that you currently display. You can have an honour board in blue with a green border to match school colours. Wood dye colours are all transluscent and will show and emphasise the grain of the wood beautifully, unlike paint which will hide the wood.

Just some of the colours available for your honours board

Sport Club Honour Boards

Of all honours, perhaps sporting honours are the hardest fought for by highly motivated people at both amateur and professional levels,
getting your name into the record books and onto the board is a significant landmark to the developing sportsman or woman.

The sporting honour boards shown here are just a few examples that may help you to assess your requirements.

Remember that you are not restricted to boards shown on this page.
There are no limitations to shape, size or colour of the honour board that you can have.
You can have any size, any shape, font style, framing or colour that you would like.

Everything that we produce is bespoke, which means that you can ask us to produce anything that you can think of.

In order to offer you any costs, suggestions and/or scale drawings we need a certain amount of information from you.
To find out what this is and how to get the ball rolling please click here for information required from you.

English Institute of Sport Winners

Golf Club Honours Board

Reading Canoe Club
Champions Board

This honour board is made from 3mm thick aluminium composite material supplied to the EIS in Birmingham A golf captains honours board in with a natural oak finish From a series of three boards produced in Ash with a contrasting coloured edge
The English Institute of Sport operates at the highest level of sporting excellence. Even the self motivated and disciplined aspiring Olympic athletes need encouragement. Athletes can look at this board and imagine getting their names on the board alongside the likes of Mark Lewis Francis, Kelly Sotherton and Aisha Hansen, a step towards olympic success!
Waterton golf club in Yorkshire chose chocolate brown lettering to go on their natural oak honour boards.
Golf can be a challenging individual pursuit but competition is perhaps at the heart of golf club camaraderie
To record all of the winners of thirty five competitions eleven honour boards were produced,
this was the narrowest, the largest is 2400mm wide.
Reading Canoe Club seem to produce a startling number of world class canoeists. We produced three boards to display the names of World and Junior Flatwater Participants as well World Marathon successes. Reading Canoe Club have also contibuted to UK Olympic achievements over the years.
No Limitations Notice

Medmenham V CC

Harlequins Rugby Captains

Cricket Club Honour Boards

Best cricket feats, including fifers and centuries are recorded on this board Captains of the rugby team are displayed on this light oak honours board in Twickenham The names Acton cricket club presidents and chairmen are shown on this ash board
In our view this village cricket club chose the wrong colours. The lettering is too dark against the board to make it easy to read. We always send sample colours to you to illustrate this problem but the colour choice is always yours. This large honour board listing the captains of Harlequins Rugby Club since 1899 and illustrates a similar problem to the cricket club board shown on your left. Again the colour of the board provides insufficient contrast with the lettering which makes me think "is the customer always right"? Ash is one of the lightest of wood colours with the exception of beech or maple but has a more pronounced grain pattern. Acton Cricket Club chose ash in a natural finish with black lettering to provide strong contrast and good legibility.
click here to find out what information we need from you

Boardmasters Surfing Champions

A champions names board in the shape of a life size surf board
Sportsvision organise the Boardmasters Surfing Championships held in Newquay.
We produced this champions names board in the shape and size of a life size surf board,
at least I think it is, not being a surfer myself, the board measures 1875mm X 475mm.
There is enough space remaining for the winners of the next 14 or 15 annual events.

If you'd like more info on possible honours board colours go to this page honours boards colour examples

Oadby Owls Football Club

Kesgrave Tennis Club

NMCC North Middlesex
Cricket Club Colts

Oadby Owls Football Club record the names of the winners of the Keith Oswin Achievement award on this board Winners of the Kesgrave tennis club championships logo designed by streetwiseUK for signwriters
Oadby Owls Football Club record the names of the winners of the Keith Oswin Achievement award on this aluminium honours board. The name of the first winner of the 2010 award has now been added to the board. An oak honours board, natural colour, 1000mm wide X 700mm high recording Kesgrave Tennis Club's annual championship winners. There is space for men's and women's singles, men's and women's doubles and the mixed doubles winners.
A little crowded perhaps on a board of this size but that was the maximum amount of wall space available.
This honours board for cricket colts is unusual in that the crown cut oak veneer runs horizontally and the grain pattern is quite dramatic which can add or subtract to the overall appearance according to your taste.
The board has a contrasting edge color in maroon to reflect Middlesex colours.

Somerset Cricket Club
Overseas Test Players

British Horse Society

Perspex honours board at Somerset Cricket Club with the names of overseas test players Large oak framed board listing fellows of the BHS, British Horse Society
One of four acrylic honour boards produced for Somerset Cricket Club.
This board measures 900mm X 900mm X 10mm.
There is enough space remaining for the winners of the next 14 or 15 annual events.

If you'd like more info on possible honours board colours go to this page honours boards colour examples

The British Horse Society awards it highest accolade, a fellowship, to the BHS members named on this oak acknowledgement panel.

Athletics Clubs
South London Harriers

A visual prepared for South London Harriers athletics club A visual prepared for South London Harriers athletics club
This is a visual of a board that we made for South London Harriers Athletics Club showing past presidents since 1872.
This drawing is one of three that was submitted to the club to evaluate.

And here is the real thing!

The finished reddy brown colour is quite different from the colour shown in the visual.
In a visual we can approximate a colour and produce visuals that are in the colour area required; light, medium or dark.
Our customers make their final decisions on colours after they've received our colour samples.

Go to this page for more information on honours boards colour examples

Click here for an enlargement of this oak honours board

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